Ever wondered what to do with your pet dog or cat when you just get tired of it?
Perhaps you need to put it to sleep because, it's getting on in years.
Maybe your dog barks too much or your cat rips up your furniture.

Well, now you can solve that problem and love your pet to death in a delicious way.

CookYourPet.com offers a host of sumptuous recipes of dog and cat meat and also a variety of weapons to humanely end your pet's life, from garrots to clubs, from electrocution baths to hangman's ropes.

We even offer a variety of chocolate poisons that are only toxic to dogs.

Make Muffin or Stew a permanent part of your life.

Garnish your tasty companion with celery, carrots and peas.

Turn man's or girl's best friend into a feast you and your children will remember for years.

After all, you are what you eat, and eating your pet is the greatest sign of love you can show.


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